Banquo’s ghost appears at the feast. The Thanes don’t see it, but Macbeth does, and becomes disturbed.

Macduff’s son plays with his paper bird.

A soldier hides behind ‘Birnam Forest’

‘Will these little hands ne’er be clean?’: Lady Macbeth’s heart-wrenching scene

Macbeth and Lady Macbeth


Talking about Macbeth on Colne Radio

The lighting team

Indoors at the tech – spotlight 

The wonderful band take a break


Banquo after his murder

A regular

Hail, King of Scotland

Post-show presents

King Duncan

The weyard sisters, hand in hand…

The Macduff family

Patient torchbearer

What hands are here?

Remember the porter

There’s daggers in men’s smiles

The ceilidh

The Thanes sneak Banquo onstage

Banquo hides behind the flowers

Brave Macbeth – well he deserves that name (Captain)